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Do not go where the path may lead,

go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Stacey Nerdin: Personal Blogger, Freelance Writer, and Social Media Speaker & Educator

Stacey NerdinMother of 5, based in the Portland, OR metro area.

Avid reader, pop culture junkie, tech geek, and social media enthusiast. Online since the early 90’s. Blogging since 2005.

Life-long learner.

Online Profiles

Stacey is active on Twitter with more than 4,100 followers and loves connecting with others there:

Follow Stacey Nerdin's blog New Media Grasshopper on FacebookFacebook: Stacey only connects with family, friends, and close online colleagues on her personal Facebook profile. You can, however, follow the Facebook Page for her blog, Tree, Root, and Twig.

Connect with Stacey Nerdin on LinkedInStacey is happy to professionally connect with all on LinkedIn.


youtube iconStacey periodically vlogs and has a channel on YouTube.

Personal Blog

tree root and twig header
Tree, Root, and Twig is Stacey Nerdin’s primary personal blog. On it, she writes about being a busy mother of five, personal reflections on life, book and product reviews, and more.

As of May 2013, average monthly Unique Visitors was 6,400 with an average of 7,700 average monthly Page Views.

Follow Stacey Nerdin's blog Tree, Root, and Twig on FacebookFollow Tree, Root, and Twig on Facebook.

Most recent posts from Tree, Root, and Twig:


Freelance Writing Online


Mabel's Labels - The Mabelhood


Most recent “Mom Advice” posts from The Mabelhood:

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Click through to see all of Stacey’s Nerdin Business Column posts at



Small Business Bonfire




Most recent posts from Small Business Bonfire:

Speaking Engagements


Mom 2.0

Type A Parent

Bloggy Boot Camp (Atlanta)

Classes and Workshops

Press for Stacey Nerdin

Newspaper Feature:

Kim Morgan. “Katy Mom-Turned-Blogger Eyes New Horizons.”Houston Chronicle. (March 8, 2011)

Magazine Interview:

Emily Listfield. “Facing Your Fear.” Redbook Magazine.

Online interview:

Shiloah Baker. “Mothers of Large Families Series: Stacey Nerdin.” The Homemaking Cottage.

Bernice Wood. “Strategies for Being a Work at Home Mom: Stacey Nerdin.” Living the Balanced Life.

Maria Bailey. “How Often Do You Eat Together as a Family?” Mom Talk Radio: Mother’s Roundtable. Sep 19 2010 episode. (Stacey’s spot begins at 24:50)

Maria Bailey. “Mothers of Large Families.” Mom Talk Radio: Mother’s Roundtable. May 29 2011 episode. (Stacey’s spot begins at 26:05)

Quoted Here:

Sheila Watson. “Tech Tips from Mom 2.0.” HP Communities: The Next Bench.

Kelby Carr. “Social Media Is a Motherhood Game Changer.” Type A Parent.


Carrie Pacini. “14 More Speakers for You and Your Mom 2.0 Summit.” Mom 2.0 Summit.

Type A Parent, 2011 Conference Speakers

Francesca Banducci. “Bloggy Boot Camp Speaker Contest Winner!” SITS: The Secret To Success Is Support.

Blissfully Domestic: Books, Author Page

Small Business Bonfire, Contributor Page

The Mabelhood, “Mom Advice” Columnist Author Page


Contact Stacey Nerdin

You may email Stacey at staceynerdin (at) msn (dot) com

Full Nest Communications

full nest communications

Full Nest Communications is the business name and entity under which Stacey Nerdin handles all of her professional social media endeavors.

Currently, Stacey Nerdin’s professional social media activities include:

  • freelance writing for other publications, companies, and sites
  • providing sponsored content on her own blog
  • representing organizations at conferences
  • acting as a brand ambassador or spokesperson
  • teaching social media classes and workshops in my communities and for small businesses
Stacey is also available on a case-by-case basis to provide social media consulting and management. Please contact her for details.
To discuss working together on any type of project mentioned above, or to pitch an idea on how Stacey might collaborate on your social media needs, please contact her at staceynerdin (@) msn (dot) com.